Apr 262013

Fishing or Rafting on the Deschutes? Build your home close to the river and away from the city on this great lot that is ready to go with power, water and sewer. Enjoy the common ponds and putting green! Within minutes to fishing, rafting or exploring along the Deschutes River. Owner will carry contract with 20% down and 5% interest! Come enjoy the sunshine! Click on each lot for specific information.

Click for Printable Plat and CC&R’s; areas highlighted in Yellow are available plots.
Main Plat        CC&R’s

1516 Fish Tail Rd.

$25,000 each 

348 Little Lake Rd                                                401 Little Lake Rd

403 Little Lake Rd                                               405 Little Lake Rd

409 Little Lake Rd                                               417 Little Lake Rd

419 Little Lake Rd                                                421 Little Lake Rd

423 Little Lake Rd                                               425 Little Lake Rd

1504 Fish Tail Rd                                                  1508 Fish Tail Rd

1515 Fish Tail Rd                                                 


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